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Occupation and risk of severe COVID-19: prospective cohort study of 120 075 UK Biobank participants
Mutambudzi, Miriam; Niedwiedz, Claire; Macdonald, Ewan Beaton; et al

The COVID-19 pandemic: major risks to healthcare and other workers on the front line
Sim, Malcolm R.

Migrant workers and COVID-19
Koh, David

Post-traumatic growth and influencing factors among frontline nurses fighting against COVID-19
Cui, Pan Pan; Wang, Pan Pan; Wang, Kun; et al

Working from home in the time of COVID-19: how to best preserve occupational health?
Bouziri, Hanifa; Smith, David R. M.; Descatha, Alexis; et al

Association between SARS-CoV-2 infection, exposure risk and mental health among a cohort of essential retail workers in the USA
Lan, Fan-Yun; Suharlim, Christian; Kales, Stefanos N.; Yang, Justin

Trends in global, regional and national incidence of pneumoconiosis caused by different aetiologies: an analysis from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017
Shi, Peng; Xing, Xiaoyue; Xi, Shuhua; et al

Challenges and opportunities for occupational health and safety after the COVID-19 lockdowns
Godderis, Lode; Luyten, Jeroen

Systematic review of methods used to assess exposure to pesticides in occupational epidemiology studies, 1993-2017
Ohlander, Johan; Fuhrimann, Samuel; Basinas, Ioannis; et al

Psychological impact of quarantine on healthcare workers
Gomez-Duran, Esperanza L.; Martin-Fumado, Carles; Forero, Carlos G

Workplace violence and health in human service industries: a systematic review of prospective and longitudinal studies
Nyberg, Anna; Kecklund, Goran; Hanson, Linda Magnusson; et al

Identification of early-stage silicosis through health screening of stone benchtop industry workers in Victoria, Australia
Hoy, Ryan F.; Glass, Deborah C.; Dimitriadis, Christina; et al

Changes in outdoor air pollution due to COVID-19 lockdowns differ by pollutant: evidence from Scotland
Dobson, Ruaraidh; Semple, Sean

Global prevalence and risk factors for mental health problems in police personnel: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Syed, Shabeer; Ashwick, Rachel; Schlosser, Marco; et al

Occupational factors in the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy: compensation claims applications support establishing an occupational surveillance system
Marinaccio, Alessandro; Boccuni, Fabio; Rondinone, Bruna Maria; et al

COVID-19 risk management at the workplace, fear of infection and fear of transmission of infection among frontline employees
Nabe-Nielsen, Kirsten; Nilsson, Charlotte Juul; Juul-Madsen, Maria; et al

Psychosocial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on 4378 UK healthcare workers and ancillary staff: initial baseline data from a cohort study collected during the first wave of the pandemic
Lamb, Danielle; Gnanapragasam, Sam; Greenberg, Neil; et al

Occupational exposure to dust and to fumes, work as a welder and invasive pneumococcal disease risk
Toren, Kjell; Blanc, Paul D.; Naidoo, Rajen N.; et al

Global and regional burden of cancer in 2016 arising from occupational exposure to selected carcinogens: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2016

Preventing kidney injury among sugarcane workers: promising evidence from enhanced workplace interventions
Glaser, Jason; Hansson, Erik; Weiss, Ilana; et al

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