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The quality and impact of our journals are dependent on many different measures. We’ve provided here some of those metrics for Occupational and Environmental Medicine, to reflect the latest 2019 data, that remain important to our authors. We’ve also listed our top most cited articles from the last three years, free to read.


Tunnel driving occupational environment and hearing loss in train drivers in China
Peng, Yong; Fan, Chaojie; Hu, Lin; et al.

Lifetime exposure to rubber dusts, fumes and N-nitrosamines and cancer mortality in a cohort of British rubber workers with 49 years follow-up
Hidajat, Mira; McElvenny, Damien Martin; Ritchie, Peter; et al.

Early detection of lung cancer in a population at high risk due to occupation and smoking
Welch, Laura S.; Dement, John M.; Cranford, Kim; et al.

Women’s occupational exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and risk of breast cancer
Lee, Derrick G.; Burstyn, Igor; Lai, Agnes S.; et al.


Half-lives of PFOS, PFHxS and PFOA after end of exposure to contaminated drinking water
Li, Ying; Fletcher, Tony; Mucs, Daniel; et al.

Artificial stone-associated silicosis: a rapidly emerging occupational lung disease
Hoy, Ryan F.; Baird, Timothy; Hammerschlag, Gary; et al.

Psychosocial job stressors and suicidality: a meta-analysis and systematic review
Milner, Allison; Witt, Katrina; LaMontagne, Anthony D.; et al.


Can work make you mentally ill? A systematic meta-review of work-related risk factors for common mental health problems
Harvey, Samuel B.; Modini, Matthew; Joyce, Sadhbh; et al.

Validity of self-reported exposure to shift work
Harma, Mikko; Koskinen, Aki; Ropponen, Annina; et al.

Estimation of the global burden of mesothelioma deaths from incomplete national mortality data
Odgerel, Chimed-Ochir; Takahashi, Ken; Sorahan, Tom; et al.

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Days to first decision: 33
Days from acceptance to publication: 21

2 year Impact Factor (JCR): 3.824
SciMago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.486
Eigenfactor: 0.01006
Citescore: 6.1

2019 total content accesses: 700,920
Total Altmetric Mentions: 1,027