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0053 Evaluation of the outcome of the applied ergonomics trainings in a cement factory
  1. Ferdi Tanir1,
  2. Rengin Guzel1,
  3. Ramazan Azim Okyay2
  1. 1Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Adana, Turkey
  2. 2Sutcu Imam University Faculty of Medicine, K.Maras, Turkey


This study sought to present the outcomes of the applied trainings delivered in a cement factory on the ergonomic risks of a cement factory.

Applied ergonomics trainings were given to 246 employees in a cement factory located in Adana province between May and October 2015. The subject matters of the training were as follows: ergonomic risks at workplaces, occupational diseases, work-related diseases, occupational accidents and protection, reasons for pains on neck, arm and waist and measures for protection against these pains, office ergonomics and ergonomic use of computers and exercises for protection. A test was applied before and after the training of each group.

408 employees, including 311 blue collars and 97 white collars, work in the factory. It was determined that the least known question (15.9%) prior to the training was that smoking causes chronic waist pain. It was found that the subject matter on which employee’s knowledge was least improved by the training was the knowledge that the most frequently encountered occupation accident in the cement sector is not explosion 40.7%. Trainings were repeated on five subject matters in particular which were known less than 80% by the trained employees. Following these repeated trainings, the total knowledge level on all questions was increased up to at least 89.4%.

Minimization of exposure to the work-related musculoskeletal disorders is possible with provision of the required information and application, and conduct of periodical delivery of applied trainings, as in our study.

  • Ergonomics risks
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • applied training
  • cement factory

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