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Electric current flow through human skin at power frequency voltages
  1. A. O. Carter,
  2. R. Morley
  1. Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  2. The Medical Branch, H.M. Factory Inspectorate, Newcastle upon Tyne


    Carter, A.O., and Morley R. (1969).Brit. J. industr. Med.,26, 217-223. Electric current flow through human skin at power frequency voltages. Alternating power voltages were applied to small pieces of living skin. Current and voltage were recorded continuously using voltages from 25 V to 250 V. At the lower voltages the skin appeared unaffected, but rapid destruction occurred at the higher voltages. It is concluded that skin impedance, whilst being extremely variable on account of many physical factors, is dependent on voltage and time of application in the range where dangerous electric shock occurs to human beings at power frequencies.

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