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P150 Audition program implementation. successful experience at mexican company
  1. Aída Lucía Fajardo-Montiel
  1. Universidad De Guadalajara. Centro Universitario De Tonala, Guadalajara, México


The purpose of this program is to ensure the working personnel knows and run preventive practices necessary in their work, secondary to a potentially representative exposure to noise levels to the minimum necessary and specific characteristics that may cause occupational disease or hearing damage, and was designed to meet requirements of the Ministry of Health, Secretariat of Labour and Social Welfare and Ministry of Territorial Environment well as specific customer requirements and monitoring guidelines for socially responsible business development, showing a successful case in the design, implementation and monitoring for several periods.

The environmental health and safety team on charge of the organisation conduct a risk analysis, which is an important part of this program according to noise exposure in different areas as well to undertake studies of working environment according to legal guidelines with this, to evaluate on an annual basis and determines Sound Level Equivalent Continuous work areas involved.

Department highlighting activities

  • Development of risk analysis working environment and working environment study.

  • Detection of occupationally exposed.

  • Development of medical monitoring program and study through specialised laboratory.

  • Management and follow-up monitoring

Department highlighting activitiesThe risk analysis of each of the different areas will be use, as well as the results of the medical evaluation and reference to the type, magnitude, intensity and exposure time of the hearing risk the analysis of personal protection equipment needed will give us the recommendation to provide the necessary protection according to the occupational hearing risk.

Aimed at preventing exposure of the detected auditory factors, for mitigation measures with engineering are develop proposals, the importance of using hearing protective equipment recommended implementing a specific program of training in the correct use, cleaning, maintenance and control in exposure times based on the current standard in Mexico.

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