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Ever and cumulative occupational exposure and lung function decline in longitudinal population-based studies: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Golam Rabbani, Naima Nimmi, Geza P Benke, Shyamali C Dharmage, Dinh Bui, Malcolm R Sim, Michael J Abramson, Sheikh M Alif

14 December 2022

Association between COVID-19 infection and work exposure assessed by the Mat-O-Covid job exposure matrix in the CONSTANCES cohort
Marc Fadel, Fabien Gilbert, Clément Legeay, Vincent Dubée, Yolande Esquirol, Catherine Verdun-Esquer, Aurelien Dinh, Grace Sembajwe, Marcel Goldberg, Yves Roquelaure, Annette Leclerc, Emmanuel Wiernik, Marie Zins, Alexis Descatha, See the full list of authors

14 October 2022

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