Table 3

Multivariate analyses of the association (OR) between the exposition variable (disability pension (DP) applicants) and its subgroups (planning to apply and having applied (reference subgroup ‘has not applied’), the significant confounders, and return to work 12 months after surgery (dependent variable)

Preoperative sick leave <12 months
OR95% CIP valueSubgroup analyses§
OR95% CIP value
DP-applicants (yes)3.81.8 to 8.0<0.001
Planning to apply1.80.6 to 5.30.274
Having applied7.02.5 to 19.3<0.001
ÖMPQ item no 16* (0–10)0.90.9 to 0.9<0.0010.90.9 to 0.9<0.001
ÖMPQ item no 20† (0–10)1.11.1 to 1.2<0.0011.11.1 to 1.2<0.001
Wanted back to work by employer‡ (1–3) (yes/uncertain/no)1.71.3 to 2.2<0.0011.71.3 to 2.2<0.001
Heavy physical work (0–10)1.11.1 to 1.1<0.0011.11.1 to 1.1<0.001
  • All variables from 2019 to 2020: n=122 DP-applicants, n=2412 non-applicants.

  • Only patients with preoperative sick leave less than 12 months are included.

  • *ÖMPQ: ‘In your estimation, what are the chances you will be working your normal duties in 6 months’ (no change-very large chance).

  • †ÖMPQ: ‘I should not do my normal work with my present pain’ (completely disagree-completely agree).

  • ‡'Do you feel that your employer wants you back to work?’.

  • §DP-applicants divided in ‘have applied’ and ‘planning to apply’, with ‘has not applied’ as reference group.

  • ÖMPQ, Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire.