Table 3

Association of grade with being offered and completing a risk assessment in a cohort of medical staff

Outcome 1: offered a risk assessment (N=2332)
aOR (95% CI)
Outcome 2: completed a risk assessment (N=1969)
aOR (95% CI)
Foundation trainee0.69 (0.38 to 1.25)0.86 (0.38 to 1.94)
Core trainee0.57 (0.33 to 0.97)0.85 (0.39 to 1.83)
Specialty trainee0.71 (0.48 to 1.05)1.14 (0.65 to 2.00)
General practitioner0.36 (0.27 to 0.49)2.06 (1.17 to 3.64)
Other0.73 (0.27 to 1.95)0.55 (0.18 to 1.67)
  • ORs in tables 2 and 3 are adjusted for age, sex, ethnicity and migration status. As agenda for change pay band increases so does salary. Band 5 is the level of a newly qualified nurse. In the analysis of medical staff, a foundation trainee is a newly qualified doctor in the first 2 years of training after medical school; a core trainee has completed foundation training and selected a broad area of specialisation (such as acute care, medicine, surgery or psychiatry) but not yet started specialty training; a specialty trainee (otherwise known as a registrar) has completed core training and is undertaking training in a particular specialty area; a consultant has completed training in a particular specialty; a general practitioner is a doctor who has completed training in general practice and typically works in the community rather than in hospital.

  • aOR, adjusted OR.