Table 5

ORs for influenza in occupations with >50 exposed cases

OccupationISCO 2008
Exposed cases (N)OR95% CI
Primary care physicians22113163.212.78 to 3.73
Protective service workers NEC5419532.461.78 to 3.41
Elementary workers NEC96291452.431.98 to 2.97
Medical and pathology laboratory technicians3212572.311.69 to 3.15
Taxi drivers83221041.951.54 to 2.45
Home-based personal care workers53228111.911.72 to 2.11
Teacher’s aides53121431.871.53 to 2.28
Personal care workers in health services NEC5329641.871.40 to 2.49
Bus and tram drivers83311261.831.49 to 2.26
Nursing professionals21214701.751.55 to 1.97
Healthcare assistants532112891.721.57 to 1.87
Earth-moving and related plant operators8342721.711.30 to 2.24
Kitchen helpers94122971.711.48 to 1.98
Hairdressers5141511.691.23 to 2.33
Child-care workers53114331.691.49 to 1.91
Government and social benefit officials3353661.681.27 to 2.22
Domestic cleaners91113591.531.34 to 1.74
Heavy truck and lorry drivers83322121.521.29 to 1.79
Security guards5414611.501.12 to 2.00
Manufacturing labourers NEC9329841.501.17 to 1.92
Building caretakers51531681.491.25 to 1.79
Fitness and recreation instructors3423611.481.11 to 1.97
Welders and flame cutters7212551.461.08 to 1.98
Food and related products machine operators8160551.451.07 to 1.96
Social work associate professionals3412971.431.14 to 1.80
Employment agents and contractors3333591.400.78 to 1.40
Motor vehicle mechanics and repairers72311121.401.12 to 1.73
Teaching professionals NEC2359731.381.06 to 1.79
Shop sales assistants52236441.371.23 to 1.52
Police officers5412611.361.02 to 1.81
Managing directors1120621.351.02 to 1.80
Early childhood educators23423211.321.15 to 1.51
Gardeners, horticulturalists and nursery growers6113531.290.95 to 1.75
Regulatory government professionals NEC3359511.280.94 to 1.73
Social work and counselling professionals26351231.271.04 to 1.56
Data entry clerks41322331.271.09 to 1.48
Professional services mangers1349711.260.97 to 1.64
Shopkeepers5221831.230.97 to 1.57
Assemblers NEC8219861.230.97 to 1.56
Secondary education teachers2330931.220.97 to 1.54
Contact centre information clerks4222891.220.96 to 1.54
Cooks51201001.210.97 to 1.51
Building frame and related trade workers NEC7119621.210.92 to 1.61
Accounting and bookkeeping clerks43111031.200.96 to 1.49
Waiters5131641.200.91 to 1.59
Health service managers1342551.190.88 to 1.59
Production clerks43222701.191.03 to 1.37
Primary school teachers23413281.171.02 to 1.33
Metal-working machine tool setters72231371.170.96 to 1.42
University and higher education teachers23101091.160.94 to 1.44
Policy administration officials24222131.140.97 to 1.33
Physical and engineering technicians NEC3119651.120.85 to 1.46
Agricultural and industrial machinery mechanics and repairers7233691.090.84 to 1.43
Engineering professionals2149601.070.81 to 1.42
Civil engineers3112501.070.78 to 1.45
House builders71111031.060.88 to 1.28
Credit and loans officers3312731.050.81 to 1.86
Business services agents NEC3339551.050.78 to 1.40
Personnel clerks4416621.000.76 to 1.32
Mechanical engineers3115860.990.78 to 1.25
Plumbers7126940.980.78 to 1.24
Electricians7411750.980.76 to 1.26
Electrical engineers3113510.960.71 to 1.30
  • OR are shown with 95% CI relative to occupations with low exposure in a national case–control study covering 1 July 2006 to 31 December 2019.*

  • *The reference group was defined as occupations classified with the lowest level of potential exposure to influenza using the JEMs.

  • ISCO, International Classification of Occupations; JEMs, job-exposure matrices; NEC, not elsewhere classified.