Table 1

The reasons for health check-up (HCU), process activities of HCU and outcomes of HCU that were tested to determine how the activity of the supervisors (employers) and occupational healthcare in work ability management in real life affects the HCU in 15 occupational healthcare units in Finland during 2013–2018 (N=1092)

Reasons for HCU9 Process activities8 Outcomes of HCU3
Early support
Sick leave of 30 days
Sick leave of 60 days
Sick leave of 90 days
Sick leave of more than 90 days
Work disability due to alcohol use disorder
Work disability due to mental disorder
Work disability due to musculoskeletal disorder
Permanently reduced work ability
Personal health promotion plan made
Work ability compared with work demands assessed
Need for rehabilitation assessed
Tripartite negotiation taken place
Need for partial sick leave assessed
Alcohol use checked
Activities for work ability maintenance started earlier
Activities for work ability maintenance recommended now
Recommendation by occupational healthcare physician to continue on sick leave
Recommendation for rehabilitation (medical rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation and provisional disability pension for less than a year with the intention to improve work ability)
Recommendation for partial or full disability pension