Table 1

Examples of occupations and corresponding O*NET scores for manual exposure

O*NET- scoreOccupation
0–10Management analysts, mediators, epidemiologists
10–20Financial advisors, marketing managers, social workers, advertising sales agents
20–30Accountants, lawyers, dietitians, security guards, computer programmers
30–40Landscape architects, concierges, telephone operators, commercial and industrial designers
40–50Biologists, librarians, nurse practitioners, radio operators, occupational therapists
50–60Lifeguards, office machine operators, pharmacists, obstetricians and gynaecologists, bakers
60–70Surgeons, photographers, subway operators, waiters/waitresses, cooks, shoe repairers
70–80Barbers, electrical repairers, aircraft mechanics and service technicians, crane operators
80–90Fishers, industrial truck and tractor operators, cabinetmakers and bench carpenters, roofers
90–100Stonemasons, pipelayers, carpet installers