Table 2

Methodological quality score of 12 studies included in the systematic review based on Newcastle-Ottawa quality assessment score

Author (year)SelectionComparabilityOutcomeTotal score
Representativeness of the exposed cohortSelection of the non-exposed cohortAscertainment of exposureDemonstration that outcome of interest was not present at start of studyComparability of cohorts on the basis of the design or analysisAssessment of outcomeWas follow-up long enough for outcomes to occurAdequacy of follow-up of cohorts(Out of 9)
Skaaby et al. 30 (2021)110111106
Lytras et al. 29 110121118
Faruque et al. 24 (2020)110111117
Alif et al.1 (2019)110121118
Bui et al. 23 (2019) 110101116
Tagiyeva et al.32 (2017)110111117
Liao et al.28 (2015)110111106
de Jong et al.2 (2014)110111106
Harber et al.25 110111117
Sunyer et al.31 (2005)110111117
Humerfelt et al.26 (1993)110111117
Krzyzanowiski et al.27 (1985)110111117