Table 2

Risk of long-term sickness absence during follow-up for participants reporting exposure to high quantitative demands, high emotional demands, high unclear and contradictory demands, and violence/threats of violence

NCases N (%)HR95% CI
High quantitative demands
 Exposed28 8791313 (4.6)1.251.15 to 1.36
 Unexposed25 106981 (3.9)1Ref
High emotional demands
 Exposed31 1031488 (4.8)1.251.14 to 1.37
 Unexposed23 227824 (3.6)1Ref
High unclear and contradictory demands
 Exposed24 8841155 (4.6)1.281.18 to 1.39
 Unexposed29 4611157 (3.9)1Ref
Violence/threats of violence
 Exposed5669375 (6.6)1.591.34 to 1.88
 Unexposed48 0161897 (4,0)1Ref
  • Note: All analyses are adjusted for sex, age, educational attainment and job group.