Table 1

Descriptive statistics for background variables

Age55 46745.211.4
 Men26 76848.3
 Women28 69951.7
Educational level
 Low (basic schooling)823914.9
 Middle-low (upper secondary school and vocational education)24 18043.6
 Middle-high (short and intermediate higher education)16 06129.0
 High (long higher education)698712.6
Job group
 Professionals17 45231.5
 Technicians and associate professionals754313.6
 General office clerks50299.1
 Personal services workers819114.8
 Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers3490.6
 Building and related trades workers45328.2
 Plant and machine operators and assemblers31315.6
 Elementary occupations and unknown job group632511.4
Wave of the Work Environment and Health in Denmark-study
 201221 06938.0
 201414 78026.6
 201619 61835.4