Table 2

Self-reported workplace cannabis perceptions and availability of workplace cannabis use among all respondents before (time 1) and after (time 2) the legalisation of cannabis for non-medical purposes

Time 1 (before legalisation)Time 2 (after legalisation)Unadj.
P value*
P value*†
%95% CI%95% CI
Perceived risk of interference with productivity when using cannabis:
Within 2 hours before work0.59990.0295
 No risk/slight risk23.521.725.422.120.523.6
 Moderate risk34.732.736.835.934.137.6
 Great risk37.635.539.737.936.239.7
 Don't know4.
While working, at lunch/other breaks0.01570.0060
 No risk/slight risk11.410.
 Moderate risk19.217.520.922.520.924.0
 Great risk65.663.567.764.462.766.2
 Don't know3.
Perceived risk of harm of using cannabis:
Within 2 hours before safety-sensitive work0.15710.1169
 No risk/slight risk11.610.213.011.310.112.6
 Moderate risk24.222.326.026.324.727.9
 Great risk59.457.361.658.556.760.4
 Don't know4.
Perceived ease of:
Using cannabis during lunch/other breaks0.00240.0081
 Neither easy/difficult9.17.810.
 Don't know5.
Using cannabis while working (excluding breaks)0.00810.0020
 Neither easy/difficult6.
 Don't know5.
Getting/buying/selling cannabis at work0.00160.2045
 Neither easy/difficult10.28.811.
 Don't know13.311.814.810.59.411.6
  • *P values correspond to the results of an F test testing the hypothesis of equal marginal means for the main effect of time (comparing time 1 with time 2 weighted for non-response).

  • †Adjusted for survey mode, age, sex, province, education, smoking, alcohol, general health status, hazardous work, workplace size, work hours, tenure, workshift schedule, job permanence, industry, and cannabis use status.

  • Adj, adjusted; Unadj, unadjusted.