Table 2

ORs for total, indirect and direct effects

OR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP valueOR95% CIP value
Other professional and associateRefRefRefRefRefRefRefRefRef
Administrative and secretarial1.290.89 to 1.850.181.041.01 to to 1.780.27
Healthcare2.461.82 to 3.33<0.0011.231.09 to 1.400.0012.001.43 to 2.79<0.001
Indoor trades, process and plant2.071.38 to 3.12<0.0011.171.06 to 1.300.0031.771.16 to 2.690.01
Leisure and personal service1.801.03 to to to 2.740.10
Managers, directors and senior officials1.170.78 to 1.770.451.041.003 to to 1.690.56
Outdoor trades1.610.83 to to 1.230.0051.420.74 to 2.750.29
Sales and customer service1.530.87 to 2.670.141.111.04 to 1.180.0021.380.78 to 2.450.27
Social care and community protective services1.410.86 to 2.320.181.121.04 to 1.210.0051.260.75 to 2.120.38
Teaching, education and childcare1.170.85 to 1.610.331.121.04 to 1.210.0021.040.75 to 1.460.80
Transport and mobile machine2.171.04 to 4.500.041.231.08 to 1.400.0021.770.87 to 3.610.12
  • *Total effect=the effect of occupation prior to adjustment for the mediator (work-related close contact); indirect effect=the effect of occupation on odds of seropositivity mediated through work-related close contact; direct effect=the effect of occupation excluding mediation by work-related close contact.