Table 1

Excess risks of lung cancer (LC), number of LC cases and population attributable fraction (PAF) according to different regulatory standards (ie, 1, 10 and 50 ug/m3) in the EU

No limit50 ug/m3 10 ug/m3 1 ug/m3
Prev (ever diesel exposure)=37%
 Excess lifetime risk of LC (per 10 000)34126816626
 Expected excess cases of LC in EU#779 891614 567380 09959 524
 PAF of LC8.8%7.1%4.5%0.73%
Prev (ever diesel exposure)=5%
 Excess lifetime risk of LC (per 10 000)4636223
 Expected excess cases of LC in EU*104 99582 73851 1728014
 PAF of LC1.3%1.0%0.63%0.10%
  • *The number of subjects out of the present EU working population (229 million) that is expected to ever die from LC due to diesel exposure.

  • EU, European Union; LC, lung cancer.