Table 1

Demographic, health and exposure data for 266 non-smoking women living in Matina County, Costa Rica, 2016–2017

Median(25th, 75th)
Cohort demographics
Age29(25, 35)
n %
 Obese (BMI >30)11944.7
 Not obese (BMI <30)14755.3
Asthma diagnosed by doctor5621.1
Asthma score25
Dichotomised asthma score
 0, 116863.2
 2, 3, 4, 59836.8
Itchy rash259.4
Historic urine sample obtained266100
Concurrent urine sample obtained25997.4
Mother worked in banana or other agriculture business in the last 3 years8933.5
Mother currently working in banana or other agriculture business4717.7
Husband worked in banana field in the last 3 years13751.5
Husband currently working in banana field12547
Husband worked in other agriculture business in the last 3 years217.9
Husband currently working in other agriculture business145.3
Smoke from waste burning reached house (grouped)
Cooking fuel: gas23588.3
Cooking fuel: wood6624.8
Cooking fuel: electric5018.8
Pesticide used inside the home13952.3
Pesticide used outside the home134.9
Vector control (spraying by health authorities)14654.9
  • *n=17 women received a questionnaire missing a question about rhinitis.

  • BMI, body mass index.