Table 1

Demographic, smoking and occupational characteristics of engineered stone workers with silicosis from four countries

OverallAustraliaIsraelSpainUSAP value*
 Age, mean±SD51.7±11.434.1±8.354.2±10.447.5±8.252.9±8.5<0.0001 AI, AS, AU, IS
 Male, n (%)167 (98.8)14 (100.0)125 (100.0)20 (100.0)8 (80.0)0.0032UI
 Current/former, n (%)111 (66.1)13 (92.9)82 (66.1)12 (60.0)4 (40.0)0.0390AU
 Never, n (%)57 (33.9)1 (7.1)42 (33.9)8 (40.0)6 (60.0)0.0390 AU
 Cigarette pack-years, mean±SD20.8±20.68.1±7.625.2±22.19.3±7.49.4±7.20.0034AI
Work tenure
 Industry years worked†, mean±SD19.9±9.810.6±6.021.3±10.018.9±8.217.3±5.10.0008AI
  • *One-way ANOVA for continuous variables and Fisher’s exact tests for categorical variables between all countries. Individual comparisons: A=Australia, I=Israel, S=Spain, U=USA.

  • †Years worked in industry include manufacture of engineered stone products, masonry and stone setting.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance.