Table 2

Comparison of the Asbest Chrysotile Cohort with other chrysotile cohort studies

StudyNBirth year (range)Total person-yearsDuration—median years (range)Cumulative exposure
Dust (mg/m3 years)Fibre (fibre/cm3 years)
Asbest chrysotile cohort22 4631891–1992320 15110.4 (1.0–59.5)26.30–1641.416.30–408
Quebec chrysotile miners and millers1810 9181891–1920425 1600.0–8000
Qinghai provence chrysotile mine2015391934–195734 736Mean: 27.3 (21.1–33.5)108.71.8–3613.5
Balangero mine, Italy22–24 289741877–196835 3620.5–4796.53–2700‡
South carolina asbestos textile plant251256~1885–~194733 1411.1 (0.1–46.8)4.40.1–700
Asbest chrysotile cohort13 3741904–1991195 20411.9 (1.0–55.7)25.10–1184.416.80–400
South carolina asbestos textile plant251244~1885–~19470.9 (0.1–43.7)4.20.2–317
  • NB: No other cohorts explicitly reported on professionally non-exposed workers in published materials.

  • * Cumulative exposures reported in this table for the Asbest Chrysotile Cohort only include cohort members that were professionally exposed and the employment-years are reported in this table.

  • †Person-years of follow-up to May 1992 reported for the complete cohort with no exclusions for eligibility or adjustments for analyses.

  • ‡Derived from the published tertiles