Table 3

Canonical pathways enriched among the genes differentially methylated between baseline and follow-up

Ingenuity canonical pathways*Total genes in pathway (n)q value for enrichmentGenes in pathway with less methylation at follow-up (n)Genes in pathway with more methylation at follow-up (n)
Molecular mechanisms of cancer4370.00111211
Colorectal cancer metastasis signalling2620.0011116
ERBB signalling930.004454
UVB-induced MAPK signalling510.004434
Reelin signalling in neurons1250.006955
Production of nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in macrophages1870.009866
  • *These pathways were identified with IPA software (Qiagen). Pathways significantly enriched at a cut-off of q<0.05 are shown here.