Table 1

Characteristics of FHWs for COVID-19 control (n=20)

CharacteristicNo (n=20)%
Current affiliation
 Health centre†210
 Gyeonggi province office1365
 Gyeonggi Infectious Disease Control Center525
Type of occupation
 Public health doctor1575
Type of medical license
 Medical doctor210
 Korean medical doctor‡1260
Months of work experience as FHW
Average hours of work per day§
Average hours of rest per day¶
  • *In 2019, approximately 26% and 22% were females among licensed physicians and Korean medical doctors, respectively.40

  • †Two public health doctors reported their affiliation as a health centre. This may be because they are conducting investigations at the community health centre or they were previously affiliated with the health centre before the pandemic.

  • ‡Individuals with Korean medical licence practice traditional Korean medicine, including herbal medicine and acupuncture.

  • §According to the labour law, healthcare workers must work up to 9 hours a day but can work longer under special circumstances.

  • ¶Few hours of rest may indicate participants’ standby status after leaving work.

  • FHW, front-line health worker; N/A, not available.