Table 1

Content of group sessions (I–III)

SessionContentStrategies participants were encouraged to try
I.Unwinding from stress
  •  The sleep formula

  •  Stress factors and stress reactions at work

  •  CBT-model: Analysis of behaviour in stressful work situations

  •  Unwinding routines before bedtime

  •  Mindfulness, focus on the present moment

  •  Body scan exercise

  •  Observe behaviours in stressful work situation and reflect on alternatives

  •  Practice focusing on the present moment

  •  Unwinding bedtime routine

  •  Body scan

II. Promoting sleep according to homoeostatic and circadian factors
  •  Follow-up from session I

  •  Routines for leaving work

  •  Homoeostatic processes regulating sleep

  •  Circadian processes regulating sleep

  •  How work hours interact with sleep regulating factors

  •  Routine for leaving work

  •  Personal goal for supporting sleep related to the homoeostatic and circadian processes

  •  Evaluating work hours using the ArturNurse webtool

III. Handling fatigue by increasing recovery behaviours
  •  Follow-up from session II

  •  Cognitive, physical and emotional fatigue

  •  Balance between activity and rest

  •  Short relaxation exercise

  •  Recovery behaviour on and off work

  •  Activities boosting energy

  •  Practice recovery behaviours at work

  •  Engaging in activities boosting energy during free time

  •  Practice short relaxation

  • CBT, cognitive–behavioural therapy.