Table 3

Association of unionisation and workers’ compensation injury claim incidence, 2012–2018

Workers’ compensation claim typeCrude risk ratio
(95% CI)
Adjusted risk ratio
(95% CI)
Lost time 0.69 (0.65 to 0.74) 0.75 (0.71 to 0.80)
 Severe lost time 0.71 (0.63 to 0.80) 0.84 (0.73 to 0.96)
No lost time 1.80 (1.71 to 1.89)1.04 (0.98 to 1.09)
Total lost time and no lost time 1.40 (1.34 to 1.46) 0.95 (0.91 to 0.99)
  • Regression analyses were conducted separately for each outcome, as described in the Methods section. They included 5267 unionised and 55 158 non-unionised businesses. Risk ratio is the risk of injury claims in unionised businesses divided by the risk in non-unionised. All risk ratios were derived from analyses with unionisation as the main independent variable. Adjusted risk ratios were from analyses that also included company size, company complexity, type of business activity and geographical region as covariates. Statistically significant risk ratios are shown in boldface. More detailed results can be found in Appendix F in Robson et al.24