Table 2

Regression analyses of trajectories of internalising and externalising problems from age 11 to 26 and total score of work functioning at age 29

Model 1Model 2Model 3
Internalising problems (ref. low-stable)
 High stable−8.0***1.5−9.0***1.5−7.9***1.6
 Moderate stable−2.31.5−2.71.5−2.51.5
Age (0=mean)−1.60.9−1.8*0.9
Sex (ref. female)−1.81.1−1.71.1
Physical health1.5*0.7
Educational level (ref. low)
Externalising problems (ref. low-stable)
 High stable−7.6***1.7−7.7***1.6−6.5***1.6
 Moderate stable−5.4***1.4−5.5***1.4−4.7***1.4
Age (0=mean)−1.40.9−1.60.9
Sex (ref. female)
Physical health1.8**0.7
Educational level (ref. low)
  • Model 1: crude | Model 2: adjusted for age (0 = mean) and sex (ref. female) | Model 3: Model 2 + physical health and educational level (ref. low)

  • *P0.05, **p0.01, ***p0.001.