Table 3

Comparison of hearing loss and other variables between volunteers according to frequency of downloading

CharacteristicDownloads per year
<150/year (n=55)>150/year (n=55)P value
Age—mean, SD42.59.945.910.30.0813
Male—n, %4174.64276.40.8247
Race—n, %0.5583
Tinnitus—n, %1120.0916.40.6210
Noisy hobbies—n, %3054.62240.00.1266
Shoot or hunt—n, %2240.02341.80.8462
Current other noisy job—n, %35.511.80.3083
Previous loud job—n, %3869.12952.70.0786
Ambient noise (dBA)—mean, SD83.
In-ear noise dosimetry level (dBA)—mean, SD74.
Hearing at start*—mean, SD16.311.818.712.30.2915
Years between audiograms—mean, SD4.
Annual rate of hearing loss*—dB/year—mean, SD0.981.550.341.250.0171
  • *Binaural average of 3, 4, 6 kHz.