Table 1

Results from pooled proportions and pooled mean meta-analyses

Variable of interest# of StudiesPooled estimate95% CIstau2 I2
Average age of workers with wrTBI840.44 years39.62 to 41.260.8385.1%
Proportion of wrTBI that occur in males190.7620.657 to 0.8431.2799.7%
Proportion of TBI that are work-related80.1790.073 to 0.3762.1299.6%
Proportion of work-related injuries that are TBI320.0630.045 to 0.0891.0199.9%
Proportion of wrTBI that are fatal50.0360.016 to 0.0770.7793.6%
  • TBI, traumatic brain injury; wrTBI, work-related TBI.