Table 3A

Standardised incidence ratios (SIRs) of cancers in male FDNY and CFHS firefighters versus US males,24 11 September 2001–31 December 2016

SiteFDNY case countFDNY SIR95% CICFHS case countCFHS SIR95% CI
All-cancer sites*9151.151.08 to 1.2310021.050.98 to 1.12
Prostate3321.701.53 to 1.883581.221.11 to 1.35
Lung440.530.39 to 0.72830.710.57 to 0.89
Kidney390.930.67 to 1.28551.190.90 to 1.56
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma551.391.06 to 1.83431.040.77 to 1.41
Melanoma (skin)961.591.30 to 1.96701.391.07 to 1.79
Thyroid462.371.78 to 3.17151.010.61 to 1.67
  • *All malignant cancers (multiple primaries), and in situ bladder cancers.

  • CFHS, Career Firefighter Health Study; FDNY, Fire Department of the City of New York.