Table 3B

Standardised incidence ratios (SIRs) of cancers in male FDNY firefighters versus US males,24 11 September 2001–31 December 2016, after 2-year adjustment for potential surveillance bias

SiteSIR*95% CI
All-cancer sites†1.091.02 to 1.16
Prostate1.551.39 to 1.73
Lung0.470.34 to 0.65
Kidney0.850.61 to 1.19
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma1.290.97 to 1.71
Melanoma (skin)1.591.30 to 1.96
Thyroid2.011.47 to 2.75
  • *Diagnosis dates of certain FDNY cancer cases (n=204) delayed by 2 years to account for potential surveillance bias.

  • †All malignant cancers (multiple primaries), and in situ bladder cancers.

  • FDNY, Fire Department of the City of New York.