Table 2

Association of average weekday steps with the declaration and participants’ characteristics, 2020, Japan*

VariableCoefficient95% CI
Declaration period−1143.8−1557.3 to −730.2
Women−2198.2−2551.0 to −1845.3
Women × declaration period266.62.5 to 530.7
Age−0.1−14.5 to 14.4
Age × declaration period25.310.9 to 39.6
Full-time work654.8264.2 to 1045.3
Full-time work × declaration period−152.5−533.5 to 228.4
Constant7912.37448.0 to 8376.6
  • *The model is adjusted for gender, mean-centred age, a dummy variable indicating a full-time worker, and a dummy variable indicating the measurement of the declaration period and its interaction terms with other covariates. The coefficient represents the number of average weekday steps.