Table 3

Adjusted OR of ACOS by occupation

Total (n=25)*†
nOR‡95% CI
Construction and mining workers11.520.17 to 13.81
Drivers12.830.30 to 26.42
Electrical and electronic production workers330.66.10 to 153.35
Engine workshop workers13.970.41 to 38.92
Fur and leather workers116.411.25 to 215.85
Rubber and plastic workers19.930.99 to 99.38
Retired75.551.63 to 18.97
Other occupations12.200.24 to 19.93
Unemployed25.460.99 to 30.03
Professionals, clerks and administrative (reference category)51.00
  • Statistically significant effects are shown in bold.

  • *1 control and 1 case with ACOS who were on sick leave are missing because the model including sick leave could not be fitted.

  • †Smoking missing for 2 controls.

  • ‡Adjusted for age, gender and smoking.

  • ACOS, asthma–COPD overlap syndrome.