Table 2

Knowledge and attitudes regarding (future) employees with MHP

% (N)/M (Min, Max)
Knowledge about employees with MHP
Do you know anyone who has (had) MHP? (could choose either ‘knows someone in work environment’ and/or ‘outside work environment’, or ‘does not know anybody’))
 Knows someone in work environment58.3 (356)
 Knows someone outside work environment57.9 (354)
 Does not know anybody who has (had) MHP17.2 (105)
What percentage of employees in your organisation/company will be affected by MHP during their working life, do you think? (0%–100%)M=20.9
(Min=0, Max=100)
What do you think of when you hear or read about ‘an employee with MHP’? (more than one response is possible)
 Depression80.0 (496)
 Burn-out76.9 (477)
 Stress71.0 (440)
 Mental/emotional exhaustion70.8 (439)
 Anxiety42.9 (266)
 Manic depressive/bipolar disorder35.5 (220)
 Post-traumatic stress disorder30.0 (186)
 Psychosis28.4 (176)
 Addiction27.1 (168)
 Obsessive–compulsive disorder26.0 (161)
 Borderline disorder24.2 (150)
 Schizophrenia23.9 (148)
 Autism spectrum disorder23.2 (144)
 Eating disorder16.5 (102)
 Something else1.8 (11)
Experiences with employees or colleagues with MHP
What are your overall personal experiences with coworkers with MHP in the workplace?
 Very to fairly negative7.4 (46)
 Neutral21.5 (133)
 Very to fairly positive52.1 (323)
 Not applicable/no personal experiences with coworkers with MHP19.0 (118)
  • MHP, mental health problem.