Table 2

Univariable and multivariable logistic regression analysis of factors associated with the risk of seroconverting between 4–12 March and 14–22 April

VariableNo. of serocoverted/
No. of exposed
Univariable analysisMultivariable analysis
OR95% CIP valueaOR95% CIP value
Age (for each 1 year more)10.97–1.040.8170.990.95–1.030.683
Professional status
 Healthcare service worker1/630.770.13–4.700.7771.860.29–11.770.512
 Health service assistant4/761.990.58–6.900.2752.280.62–8.420.217
 Socioadministrative staff4/582.650.76–9.200.1253.170.58–17.270.183
Contacts with infected relatives
Contact with patients with COVID-19 (previous 30 days)
Symptoms (previous 30 days)
Trained in use of PPE
Confidence with PPE
 High/very high18/4341.440.52–3.930.4810.960.31–2.980.942
  • Age, sex, professional status, contacts with infected relatives, contact with COVID-19 patients in the past 30 days, suggestive symptoms over the past 30 days, training in the use of PPE and reported confidence with PPE were included in the multivariable model as covariates.

  • aOR, adjusted OR; PPE, personal protective equipment.