Table 4

Calculated population attributable risk percentage (PAR%) based on ORs from model#D in table 3

LLSL (1–16 days)
(n*=18 179/occurrences†=3986)
HLSL (>16 days)
(n‡=17 685/occurrences†=3492)
PAR (%)95% CIPAR (%)95% CI
Threats/acts of violence§3.48(1.96 to to 5.02)5.48(3.65 to 7.33)
Bullying§1.09(0.24 to 2.01)2.18(1.07 to 3.33)
Sexual harassment§0.78(–0.36 to 2.02)0.79(–0.70 to 2.30)
Sum5.27(1.85 to 8.81)8.27(4.01 to 12.48)
  • *Net sample excluding occurrences of HLSL.

  • †Number of sick leave occurrences during follow-up.

  • ‡Net sample excluding occurrences of LLSL.

  • §Adjusted for sex, age, occupation, education level, the number of actual working days and sick leave days the year of the survey year and other facets of ASB.

  • ASB, adverse social behaviour; HLSL, high level of sick leave; LLSL, low level of sick leave; N/A, not applicable.