Table 3

Univariate and multivariate analysis of factors of baseline conditions

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
OR95% CIP valĂșeOR95% CIP valĂșe
Age1.031.01 to 1.060.009
Female gender2.411.31 to 4.450.005
Nurse2.251.28 to 3.942.091.18 to 3.72
Other HCW5.982.67 to 13.46.943.01 to 16.04
Filter mask versus surgical2.081.07 to 4.070.0262.141.07 to 4.320.027
Mornings and 24-hour dutiesRefRef0.0001
Rotating shifts3.351.81 to 6.23
Other work shifts2.831.52 to 5.32
Asthma0.330.12 to 0.920.030.290.09 to 0.890.026
Tobacco3.131.39 to 7.010.003
Anxiety2.340.91 to 6.050.063
  • 95%CI, 95% Confidence Interval; HCW, healthcare workers; HCW, healthcare worker; OR, odds ratio; Ref., Reference category.