Table 3

Mixed effects logistic regression: sick leave at 1-year follow-up regressed on work-related adverse social behaviour measured at baseline

LLSL (1–16 days)
(n*=18 179/cases†=3986)
HLSL (>16 days)
(n‡=17 685/cases†=3492)
OR§95% CIOR§95% CI
Threats/acts of violence ¶1.80(1.53 to 2.11)2.66(2.19 to 3.23)
Threats/acts of violence **1.66(1.41 to 1.95)2.38(1.96 to 2.89)
Threats/acts of violence ††1.62(1.38 to 1.90)1.97(1.61 to 2.35)
Threats/acts of violence ‡‡1.56(1.32 to 1.84)1.87(1.57 to 2.24)
Bullying¶1.70(1.33 to 2.17)2.60(1.96 to 3.46)
Bullying**1.61(1.27 to 2.05)2.39(1.81 to 3.16)
Bullying††1.52(1.21 to 1.97)1.97(1.53 to 2.54)
Bullying‡‡1.42(1.12 to 1.81)1.82(1.41 to 2.35)
Sexual harassment¶1.55(1.25 to 1.92)2.11(1.62 to 2.76)
Sexual harassment**1.39(1.13 to 1.72)1.77(1.36 to 2.30)
Sexual harassment††1.35(1.09 to 1.67)1.41(1.10 to 1.79)
Sexual harassment‡‡1.18(0.95 to 1.47)1.16(0.91 to 1.48)
  • Reference value=not exposed (not shown).

  • *Net sample excluding cases (observations) of HLSL from the denominator.

  • †Number of sick leave observations during follow-up.

  • ‡Net sample excluding cases (observations) with LLSL from the denominator.

  • §Fixed effects from the random effects logistic regression models.

  • ¶Adjustment for sex, age and number of actual working days (continuous) +random intercept.

  • **+Occupation and education level (continuous).

  • ††+Sick leave days the year of the survey interview.

  • ‡‡+All facets of ASB tested simultaneously.

  • ASB, adverse social behaviour; HLSL, high level of sick leave; LLSL, low level of sick leave.