Table 1

Description of the sample

Sample per surveySample in total
Gross sample*20 13620 49220 27260 900*
Net sample†12 25510 87510 66533 79520 341
Response percentage60.953.152.655.5
Working population‡92798375832925 98315 866§
Active employee relationship of at least 50 days¶77097077730222 08813 731
Eligible sample**21 67113 473
  • *Randomly drawn population sample (*maximum number of possible observations).

  • †Total number of respondent including employed and non-employed individuals.

  • ‡Respondents who were in paid work for at least 1 hour during the interview week, or were temporarily absent from such work were interviewed about working conditions.

  • §Sum of individuals that were interviewed about working conditions in one survey (n=8504), two surveys (n=4607) and three surveys (n=2755).

  • ¶Registered with an active employee relationship of at least 50 actual working days in the survey year and the following year in the sickness absence register.

  • **Eligible sample after deletion of respondents with missing values (n=258 (1.9%) individuals).