Table 1

Characteristics of the sample

%M (SD)
Sociodemographic characteristics
Sex (N=620)
Age (N=620)46.2 (11.9)
No of household members (N=620)2.8 (1.3)
Marital status (n=620)
 Separated, divorced or widowed11.9
 Never married32.1
Domestic situation (N=620)
 Single, with or without child(ren)47.6
 (Un)married cohabitation, with or without child(ren)50.0
 Other situation2.4
Education (N=618*)
 Primary school2.1
 Intermediate secondary education9.5
 Higher secondary education7.6
 Intermediate vocational education23.3
 Higher vocational education35.0
Workplace characteristics
Company size (N=428*)
 Small (up to 50 employees)55.0
 Medium (51–250 employees)23.1
 Large (more than 250 employees)22.0
 Company size as M (SD)371.0 (1134.9)
Sector (N=483)
 Agriculture, forestry, fishery and hunting3.3
 Industrial production14.1
 Utilities production, distribution and/or trade1.2
 Retail trade10.6
 Transportation, storage and communication5.0
 Business services (including real estate, rental)7.5
 Government services, public administration and mandatory social insurances10.6
 Health and welfare13.0
 Environmental services, culture, recreation and other services2.5
Personal net monthly income in euros (N=581*)2576.6 (1104.7)
Mental health characteristics
Do you have MHP or have you had them? (N=611*)
  • *Information was not available for all participants.

  • MHP, mental health problem.