Table 2

Associations with resignation after starting infertility treatment in those who had worked at initiation of infertility treatment who felt that infertility treatment was incompatible with work

Variables categoriesMultivariable OR (95% CI)*P value
Age (years)
 35–390.81 (0.50 to 1.33)0.41
 ≥400.87 (0.53 to 1.43)0.58
Educational background†
 Lower1.58 (1.07 to 2.34)0.02
Duration of infertility (years)‡
 ≥21.82 (1.15 to 2.89)0.01
Employment type at the initiation of infertility treatment
 Permanent worker§1.00
 Non-permanent worker§2.65 (1.61 to 4.37)<0.001
 Self-employed and others1.23 (0.70 to 2.15)0.47
Harassment experience in workplace due to infertility treatment
 Yes1.71 (0.98 to 2.99)0.06
Infertility treatment-relevant support from company¶
 No1.91 (1.28 to 2.86)<0.01
  • Further information regarding the characteristics of patients subanalysed by educational background are shown in online supplemental table 1.

  • *Each OR was adjusted for all other variables in the table.

  • †Educational background: university and graduate school as ‘higher educational background’; and junior high school, high school and junior college/technical school/university dropout as ‘lower educational background’.

  • ‡The median duration of infertility.

  • §Permanent worker defined no fixed end date for their employment; non-permanent worker defined contract and part-time worker; self-employed and other worker.

  • ¶Infertility treatment-relevant support including, but not limited to, reduction in work-hours, hours-leave and flexible working style.