Table 2

Rate ratios (RRs) for comparing rates of all consultations (allowing recurrent events) in the intervention group with rates in the control group during 31 months of follow-up

Consultations per person-year (SD)CrudeModel 1Model 2
RR95% CIRR95% CIRR95% CI
Intervention group*11.0 (13.1)0.950.90 to 1.00,
0.960.91 to 1.01,
0.970.92 to 1.01,
Control group†11.6 (12.8)1Reference1Reference1Reference
  • Model 1: adjusted for sex and age (continuous); model 2: further adjusted for job group (pedagogical leader, nursery nurse, nursery nurse assistant, other job group), workplace type (integrated, day care, kindergarten), workplace size (continuous) and level of all consultations during the 6 months preceding the intervention (continuous). All models accounted for repeated measurements of each of the participants and further that employees were nested within workplaces.

  • *26 629 consultations during 29 023 person-months of observations.

  • †19 457 consultations during 20 079 person-months of observations.