Table 2

Associations of fear of infection and fear of transmission within five areas of work

Adjustment for sex, age, job title and region
Fear of infectionFear of transmission from work to the privates sphereFear of transmitting infections to clients during work
PR95% CIPR95% CIPR95% CI
Hospital/rehabilitation1.030.88 to to 1.200.830.72 to 0.96
Psychiatry0.770.62 to 0.950.920.79 to 1.070.730.61 to 0.86
Childcare0.810.49 to 1.341.150.77 to 1.710.550.32 to 0.95
Ambulance1.341.04 to 1.721.401.17 to 1.670.780.61 to 0.998
Adjustment for sex, age, job title, region and all COVID-19 risk management variables
Fear of infection Fear of transmission from work to the privates sphere Fear of transmission to clients during work
PR 95% Cl PR 95% Cl PR 95% Cl
Hospital/rehabilitation1.040.89 to to 1.220.840.73 to 0.97
Psychiatry0.790.65 to 0.960.930.81 to 1.070.740.63 to 0.88
Childcare0.860.53 to 1.381.190.81 to 1.740.590.34 to 1.02
Ambulance1.140.87 to 1.501.311.09 to 1.590.740.57 to 0.96
  • All associations are expressed as prevalence ratios (PRs) with their 95% CIs.