Table 2

Total scores and subdimension scores of the PTGI and ERRI (n=167)

Number of itemsDimension (mean±SD)Item (mean±SD)
Total score2070.53±17.263.38±1.21
 Relating to others312.09±3.213.03±1.33
 New possibilities413.38±4.023.34±1.19
 Appreciation of life622.61±5.133.77±1.09
 Personal strength310.26±2.853.42±1.14
 Spiritual change412.18±4.243.05±1.36
 Total score2026.43±11.911.32±0.77
 Intrusive rumination1011.98±6.241.20±0.76
 Deliberate rumination1014.45±6.441.45±0.78
  • Online supplemental appendix 1 and 2 in the supplementary material show each item and scores of the PTGI and the ERRI, respectively.

  • ERRI, Event-Related Rumination Inventory; PTGI, Post-traumatic Growth Inventory.