Table 1

Health impacts of telework, specificity of pandemic COVID-19-related containment and key prevention measures for employers

Family of riskEffect of teleworkAmplification or reduction in the context of COVID-19-related containmentKey prevention measures for employers
Risks associated with transportation
Risks associated with home working environment
Increased risks associated with housing (fire, and slip, trip and fall hazards, temperature conditions)Amplified (lack of anticipation)Diffusion of simple, pragmatic security messages
Increased risks associated with workstation (musculoskeletal pain)Ambiguous (potentially amplified due to the lack of anticipation, poorly suited home working environment and reduced physical activity, but short duration of exposure)Diffusion of simple, pragmatic messages on ergonomics5; financial contribution to adapted equipment (adjustable chair and computer station); promotion of physical activity
Psychosocial risks
Increased risks of social isolation in the professional sphereReduced (universalisation of telework)Adoption of virtual collective working periods (teleconferences)
Increased risk of blurring of boundaries between work and home timePotentially amplified by the multiplication of non-work-related tasks such as caring for children and facilitating home schoolingAdapt working time and schedule for workers ensuring home childcare
Behavioural risks (diet, sleep, addiction)
AmbiguousAmplified (confinement, covid-linked anxiety)Allow and promote teleconsultations with occupational practitioners