Table 3

Decrease in likelihood of the 14 predictors of the duration of SA spells due to M54

PredictorsLoss of log-likelihood for the variableP value100×pseudo-R2
Employment status1037<0.0010.46
Gross SA days in the 365 previous days before start of the SA spell542<0.0010.24
SA extent at the start of the SA spell350<0.0010.15
Multimorbidity * 108<0.0010.05
Geographical region96<0.0010.04
The SA spell was initialised at primary healthcare74<0.0010.03
Number of specialised outpatient care visits in the 365 previous days68<0.0010.03
Country of birth65<0.0010.03
Partial disability pension at start of SA spell49<0.0010.02
Family status470.0040.02
Educational level370.0010.02
Number of days spent in inpatient care in the 365 previous days130.9610.01
  • *Defined as at least three different types of medication (different ATC codes) at least once.

  • ATC, Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical; SA, sickness absence.