Table 2

Logistic regression models of risks of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) and IPD with pneumonia in relation to work as welder, foundry worker, steel mill worker or blacksmith the year preceding the index date (onset of IPD)

OccupationAll IPD (n=4438)IPD with pneumonia (n=3143)
OR95% OR95% 
Welder (n=136)
 Simple model*2.81.97 to 3.993.092.12 to 4.51
 Adjusted model†2.992.09 to 4.303.282.22 to 4.84
Foundry worker (n=6)‡NANANANA
Steel mill worker (n=98)
 Simple model*1.160.70 to 1.921.440.80 to 2.57
 Adjusted model†1.10.65 to 1.861.430.78 to 2.60
Blacksmiths (n=69)
 Simple model*1.931.14 to to 3.87
 Adjusted model†1.961.13 to 3.392.221.89 to 4.16
All metalworkers (n=309)
 Simple model*2.11.58 to 2.772.411.76 to 3.29
 Adjusted model†2.121.58 to 2.832.481.80 to 3.43
  • *Matched for gender, age and place of residency.

  • †1+adjusted for educational level (university graduate vs other), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, diabetes and ethanol abuse.

  • ‡Not analysed due to too few cases; three foundry workers and three controls.

  • NA, not applicable.