Table 4

Logistic regression models of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) risk among men and women in relation to occupational exposure to vapours and gases, inorganic dust, silica dust, fumes, silica dust and organic dust during the year preceding the index date (onset of IPD)

Occupational exposuresIPD
All IPD (n=4438)IPD with pneumonia (n=3143)
Men (n=2347)Women (n=2091)Men (n=1698)Women (n=1445)
OR95% OR95% OR95% OR95% 
Fumes1.161.03 to 1.311.080.93 to to 1.411.090.91 to 1.30
Inorganic dust1.131.00 to 1.270.980.81 to to 1.330.920.72 to 1.16
Silica dust1.331.10 to 1.611.270.81 to 2.001.331.06 to 1.671.30.73 to 2.32
Vapours and gases0.990.87 to 1.120.910.76 to 1.080.990.85 to 1.140.910.74 to 1.12
Organic dust0.920.80 to 1.070.930.70 to 1.240.860.72 to 1.020.880.62 to 1.25
  • The exposure is defined by job–exposure matrix. The models are matched for age and residency and adjusted for educational level, ethanol abuse, and diagnoses of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and diabetes and any other occupational exposures.