Table 1

Participant characteristics compared by responder status

CharacteristicCommunity members (n=1294)Responders (n=354)P value
n % n %
Age (years), mean (SD)45.820.050.58.3<0.001
Hispanic ethnicity<0.001
 High school graduate and lower20816.65917.1
>Some college104283.428682.9
Total hurricane exposure, median (IQR)31–521–3<0.001
Elapsed time between survey and Hurricane Sandy (months), median (IQR)22.917.7–37.116.614.3–19.0<0.001
PTSD symptom score, median (IQR)2318–341717–20<0.001
Elevated PTSD<0.001
  • Numbers may not add to total due to missing values in each characteristic. P value from χ2 tests for categorical variables, Mann-Whitney rank-sum test for age, elapsed time between survey and Hurricane Sandy and total hurricane exposure.

  • PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.