Table 2

Hurricane exposure items compared by responder status

Hurricane exposure itemsCommunity members (n=1294)Responders (n=354)P value
n % n %
Family member missing413.210.30.002
Friend missing463.610.30.001
Life was in danger20115.511031.1<0.001
Physically harmed403.1185.10.071
Life of family member(s) in danger18013.9144.0<0.001
Evacuated quickly with no time to prepare20515.851.4<0.001
Prolonged separation from family13810.7164.5<0.001
Pet missing or dead493.8113.10.545
Vehicle loss18814.5277.6<0.001
Loss of power/electricity95073.430987.3<0.001
Great difficulty commuting to work/school due to transportation issues/gasoline shortage36328.14913.8<0.001
Great difficulty accessing food for self/family26520.5133.7<0.001
Did you experience flooding in your home caused by Hurricane Sandy?42132.54813.6<0.001
Displaced from home51439.75315.0<0.001
Someone in your family/friend was physically harmed1007.74111.60.022
Disaster resulted in unemployment (self)/disaster resulted in unemployment (household)1048.0154.20.014
Unable to access necessary medical care866.7133.70.037
Unable to access gasoline for vehicle28722.221961.9<0.001
Witnessed death/injury (self or household)/witnessed death/injury (other; eg, neighbour)503.95916.7<0.001
Home damaged or destroyed41632.28122.90.001
  • Numbers may not add to total due to missing values in each characteristic. P value from Chi-square tests.