Table 3

Risk of long-term sickness absence among individuals working in job groups characterised by both high perceived and high content-related emotional demands at work compared with individuals working in all other job groups

nCasesCases per
1000 PY
UnadjustedModel 1Model 2
HR95% CIHR95% CIHR95% CI
Job group level combined measure
 All other combinations18 340609391.001.001.00
 High perceived and high content-related807039358 1.49 1.31 to 1.69 1.32 1.14 to 1.52 1.32 1.14 to 1.52
  • Model 1: Age, sex, education, cohabitation and children living at home.

  • Model 2: Age, sex, education, cohabitation, children living at home and MDI.

  • MDI, Major Depression Inventory; PY, person-years.