Table 1

Demographic characteristics of all workers who sustained wr-mTBI compared with the percentage that sustained assault-induced work-related mild traumatic brain injury (wr-mTBI)

All workers who sustained wr-mTBI (3129)% of sample with wr-mTBI-assault
Age at the time of injury (by decade)
 15–24 years47015.008.51
 25–34 years78325.008.43
 35–44 years67321.508.47
 45–54 years72623.208.95
 >55 years47715.209.85
Employment type
 Full-time employee214668.607.88
 Part-time employee42213.5011.61
Occupation type
 Community and personal service workers48015.3024.79
 Services-related occupations (managers/technicians and trades workers/clerical and administrative workers/sales workers)97831.305.42
 Goods-related occupations (machinery operators and drivers/labourers)109134.902.93
Workplace industry group
 Healthcare and social assistance34311.0020.41
 Education and training50016.0010.20
 Public administration and safety2036.5033.50
Employer size
Socioeconomic status
 1–2 (most disadvantaged)49315.808.92
 3–4 (disadvantaged)46815.008.33
 5–6 (middle)71722.907.81
  7–8 (advantaged)75024.009.33
 9–10 (most advantaged)70122.409.42
Days off work
 Did not take days off work255481.608.14
 Took days off work57518.4011.65
 Not hospitalised264784.609.07