Table 1

Home care (HC) aides’ demographic characteristics and univariate relative risks (RR) of reporting verbal abuse in the past 12 months, Safe Home Care Survey, Massachusetts, USA

Number of aides
Verbal abuse in past 12 months*
Number reporting verbal abuseRR95% CI
Age (years)
 >4845572 0.59 0.45 to 0.76
 Male93190.940.62 to 1.44
 Non-white or mixed race399800.900.69 to 1.17
 Yes154371.110.82 to 1.52
Born outside the USA
 Yes383780.910.71 to 1.17
Immigrant within past 5 years
 Yes55121.010.60 to 1.69
Economic dependence on job
 Yes‡225551.180.90 to 1.55
  • *Defined as at least one incident of verbal abuse in the past 12 months.

  • †Referent.

  • ‡Aides who reported that a reason they worked in their current HC job was because they could not find another job and/or they rely on it for health insurance.